February 24, 2016

Shameful Majlis

As a Maldivian citizen, today's pathetic showing in the Majlis I witnessed was the real dumps filthier than that of Thilafushi. The spate of degrading behavior that the Maldives populace saw in glaring public was shameful indeed. You, our parliamentarians are our ambassadors to the legislative process and certainly we don't want such boorish behavior from those we expect better.

Talking and arguing and even some aggressiveness bordering on the physical maybe expected given the heat of debate. But spitting and water fights certainly don't belong there. What examples are you showing to the youth of today? Your legislation has no intrinsic respect when we know what pathetic minds conceive it. It is only the respect you show for each other on the floor of the Majlis that will engender our respect for you and make us feel you are working for our welfare and not just yours alone.

Sadly, you have flaunted all the rules in the book that tell us you are worth your presence in those revered seats. It just goes also to show that we --a hapless public-- are being fooled time and time again by wily, wicked and venal individuals that have no interest in our welfare. Furthermore, we are mortified and humiliated by the corrupt dealings that you all seem to be either perpetrating and engaging in or condoning. A nation cannot go deeper into shame. And yes, not one that professes a 100 percent Muslim identity. No doubt that the wicked Shaithan has you all by the scruffs of your neck, for all you think about seems to be the glitter of this world and nothing of the Hereafter. We all come to this world naked, and we will depart naked. No millions of dollars will save you; you have to leave just the way you came. So please turn away from the great deceiver and submit to Allah SWA. Salvation lies only with Him. Our children and grandchildren need a better Maldives than what you seem to be crafting.