September 24, 2018

The People have spoken today!

Ibu OK. The People have spoken emphatically for change! And what a change!

Hats off to the energetic effort of the Ithihad coalition group and the excitement provided by the preceding couple of months on the campaign trail. Ibu’s indefatigable round of visits to all of our nation’s inhabited islands and the applause he received for his gentle and amiable character is unprecedented for a presidential candidate in Maldives. This is a sea change to the image of what we in Maldives have held as the personality type of a president. The self-assured and vocally glib individual who seem to have the world in his grasp is a world away from the patiently quiet and pensive personality of Ibu that has marked for us the change of quality in what we have so fas seen as the personality of a president. And why not? We need a person of impeccable character that conforms with what the majority of our polity whose secret desire is for peace and justice and that which falls within the spiritual edicts of our wonderful Islam. Not the arrogance of an i-know-it-all to someone who will actively seek the counsel of those who may know better than he knows. This is a step into reality and the practical world that requires us to work for national progress in cooperative engagement; that which would instil the sense of inclusiveness and the team approach that is so needed in governing in the 21st century. We don't now need the father figures who tell us what to do but a friend and guide to support and orchestrate the myriad capacity we have, to be used to its last drop rather than be neglected just because these don't come from party affiliates. our leaders can't be trapped in hubristic behaviour but be embracing an open attitude of cooperation; leading from both the front and back. We need leaders who have the humility to listen to others and see the wisdom of others words and views. To move away from the tight grip of party to being the president of the people.

I would hope Ibu will be this kind of leader. One who will attract the love and adulation of his nation. Who will squeeze the nation for all the technical and managerial capacity of each and every citizen so that we can truly begin to exercise the freedom and nationhood that is what our democratic situation leads us to act within.

I hope and pray that Ibu will be that lovable president of the people for the next five years and who knows if he engenders enough of our adulation by making the grade, might just spark the possibility for remaining yet another term as our beloved servant leader.

May Allah Bless you. May he give you the wisdom and keep at bay the hubris that deludes the foolish leader