May 26, 2018

Moral human being

On a moral compass there are two types of human beings. Ones who helps themselves and those that help others. Of course there are many permutations in between but the essence of our spiritual typology is our weighing on these two scales.

The most basic type is the one who lives only for himself. There is the display of selfishness in every deed goaded by the paradigm “what's in it for me?”. The other is move the desire to be of service to others with the guiding paradigm “how can i help?” our purpose in life is to move from this selfish extreme to the selfless extreme. But as many would agree this extreme is possible only to a most negligible few and many remain easily in the throes of the other end.

What keeps us say that selfish end is our human nature one would say. True and our Creator has made this so because this worldly existence is a test for us. How much mettle do we have to strive and move towards the other end. Just like any worldly test of our making we make it challenging for it to be worth its salt. Similarly we as human beings demonstrate our worth in how close we get to the other side. It's easy to be on the left but to get to the right it requires a lot of struggle and sacrifice. Many ask, why the struggle? Why do we have tp get on that side? These questions come from a source of ignorance; ignorance of what the purpose of life is. This creation of such grandeur magnificence could not be here just for the pleasure of our short life. There must be something beyond; something that must be worth this struggle. And that is the achievement of Jannah the doorway to which is the right side. If not for the assurance of that there is no use for morality and goodness in this world. Why do we have to be good for the purpose of just being good? In fact good has no meaning if there is no duality in life, in this case it would be ‘the bad’.

The magnificence of this universe attests to the existence of a creator. If so we must be grateful and thankful and go down on our knees to prostrate to this magnificence. That is what we do in our prayer. Acknowledge this mighty Presence. How can we be so arrogant to believe that this little speck in the universe can be a challenge to the Creator. On earth we fear our bosses our leaders and our competitors; why not our Creator? If we do accept the need for obeisance then we must be humble and be empathetic to the emotions of our human brothers and sisters. We cannot remove ourselves from the spiritual bind our Maker has ordained it to be. No we can't!

Let get back to our roots. Let not the great Deceiver take us for the ride of doom! This moment's pleasure is just not worth it!