October 31, 2012

Fear is the key!

Continuing from my recent blog “Darkness keeps fear intact”, let's look at fear being the prime disrupter of society. When we are free from fear life’s blessings can be truly enjoyed - freedom will prevail and creative endeavors can be attempted. Fear keeps us bound, for fear has a source that that keeps us transfixed into a situation that we feel we are helpless to breach; a situation that straps us into state of learned helplessness in regard to fear because the majority of the fears we harbor in our lives is not material, but imagined -- those buried deep within us in our psyche. How many times do we have to confront physical (material) fears such as a natural disaster, a motor vehicle accident, a tree falling over us, or have to confront a lion or a snake in our living environment? Of course, there are many such of the latter in human form we may encounter and that vicarious fear lingers even in regard to these human manifestations.

However, what I am talking about here are the fears we have nurtured over the course of our lives that hide in our sub-conscious, and those that arise into our consciousness whenever we are challenged in life in whatever way, or are used by despots and other bad guys in our system when they wish to desecrate our God-given rights or want us kept in the bind. Our ignorance of the source of this fear, or even when we discover this, the fact that most times we don’t want to confront these, keep us snared. Why is this? It is because our ego whispers to us that our self concept will be lost if we try to meddle. And so we let the ego have its way, and we continue to be kept its prisoner.

So this fear has to be confronted if we are to get out of this mental prison. Once we know the content of the fear we can grapple with it practically or we might find that this was actually nothing to fear after all. Fear arises out of a seeming state of dependence on something (an object, a person, a benefit or such thing that the ego desires so desperately – objects that we are attached to; those items or aspects of our lives we think we cannot live without!). Our ego makes us believe that if we lose these objects of our attachment, we will become nothing of any importance. So the ego, through it inherent guile, keeps us tempted in this state of self importance and experience of a false-paradise, using our fear as the opening to its tantalizations; this is the prison of pleasure, and helplessness. In our hedonism, we may in fact revel in this ‘bliss’ because our minds are so bound-up in a time-warp, do not seek to move beyond this world of pretense that we have deemed as our one and only reality. We fear our parents, our bosses, our wives, husbands, our friends, and even our servants (in our meager households or in lofty political posts); in this present time of affluence and materialism, such intense dependence prevails, for many of us in this present generation, having been nurtured by doting parents in the lap of indolence, have lost our ability to perform even the most mundane of life chores in our households and need servants to do these for us. Such is the dependence that fuels our fear.

Actually if we really reflect on the sources and content of our fears, at least 90 percent will fall in this category of mental fears that we have conjured up within ourselves – figments of our imagination, that bear no practical truth. Some call these fears insecurities. And so, if we can discover the flimsiness of these fears, such a big part of our worries in our lives will quickly vanish. The 10 percent that is left over can be tackled wisely and practically. So, imagine how much of energy within ourselves we can liberate through this awareness, and how we can use this in the service to mankind; to enable our nations and communities and our families to bring the harmony we so wish for, yet are unable to because we are all so mired in our fears and insecurities. Democracy can enter only when fear makes the exit! 

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