August 9, 2013

Straight roads?

In a place like Maldives what is the enticement of straight roads? Why not winding ones?

In my last visit to Hanimaadhoo, I was sadly awe struck by the Island Council’s adamant desire to have the islands roads done in straight lines. My concern for this arose from the love I have for the environment. And given the world’s preoccupation with this aspect of development and the precariousness of ours, we need to save the trees. And in Hanimaadhoo I was fascinated by the huge and majestic nika and kaani trees that provide shade to us inhabitants and home for the birds and the biodiversity that we need so much to maintain a fragile environment such as ours. It’s not enough for us to protect the reefs and the mangroves; we need to protect these majestic edifices we have had for ages on these little emerald islands that we call our home. Winding roads would be just fine, wouldn't it, if we can save the trees?  


Unknown said...

I am honestly fascinated by the article and knowing that we still have people rarely who are concerned about our natural existence! Rather than a consumer artificial life.
People are now blindly engaged in...
* High tech phones(cost a fortune)
* Full island WiFi + telephone antennas (Radioactive)
* TV entertainment (holhu ashi)
* Concrete modern boat yard/ no swim, no beach, no reef)
* Satellite home-entertainment
* One end of the island with untreated sewer and rubbish mountain
* Island full of high speed motorcycles etc..
* Polluting carbon-fuel powerhouse (no energy efficiency plan in place)
* Cost of living higher than Switzerland!
Is this Maldives, where are we really heading now?

Abdul Sattar Yoosuf said...

Dear Ashfaq Abdulla, your points are spot on. Keep on advocating for the welfare of our Nation. The more voices we have the deeper we will reach. Many drops of water make the vast oceans.