December 7, 2013

Icons are forever

A legend has departed. Mr Nelson Mandela will be remembered for transforming the political and moral path of Africa and the world. It is bewildering to behold in this day and age how one soul can do so much to lift the moral fabric of our lives by the show of role-modelling. His struggle for liberation from the yoke of human domination that societies fabricate was the genesis of his early political activism. But I am most touched by his courage of forgiveness; of his ability for laying down his bitterness towards those who perpetrated his persecution and took away close to three decades of his life to incarceration. And still continued tirelessly the emphasis for national reconciliation. He did not seek avenge for his losses, but instead exercised compassion. Yes, periodically, Providence thrusts such icons into our midst like lighthouses that should illuminate the darkness of our lives to keep us from treacherous corals. We pray for more of such souls to grace our terrestrial path. 

We need to learn from such lives of forgiveness to make our nation too free of division and conflict and embrace tolerance and social harmony.  

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