July 28, 2014

Eid Mubaarak

Dear Family and friends;

The holy month devoted to peace and prayer, love and forgiveness is now past us in yet another year of our lives. The month comes but once a year, and it is a chance to redeem or mend lost family and other relationships and appreciate the Grace of Allah. Let's hope many of us were able to make some transition for the better in our lives.

On a more mundane level, it is (was) also a great opportunity to make some life-style changes such as stopping the smoking habit or seek to beat that desire to eat and drink unnecessarily and empathize with our less fortunate brothers and sisters in humanity. Just imagine, you proved your ability to hold those outlandish habits at bay for 12 hours (kudos for your eemaan!), and kept going for 30 days. If we were thoughtful and serious enough to make change, this was a golden chance. But don't lose hope, you have the "ha-roadha" also, six momentous day to rethink and revive your physical self.

There is also a spiritual anomaly in our fasting that I noticed. We say intoxicants are forbidden in Islam, and so how come, we deny these for 12 hours each day, inject new energy into prayer and giving, and then at the end of the day, we do what Allah forbids -- light up intoxicants, and indulge in being unkind to our bodies by downing all those energy drinks that reek in calories to give us the artificial high, and gorge on all kinds of foods the rest of the night to essentially neutralize much of the whole purpose of our fast.

This is not to lament a Blessed month gone by, but just to reminisce of opportunities we may have forfeited in the neglect of the blessings that Ramzaan had to offer. Don't feel bad, another Ramzaan will come. but then, there may not be another for many of us -- even those who may not be chronologically closer to the other end. The point perhaps is that everyday is a chance for us to make ourselves better human beings. But Ramzaan however, offers a golden opportunity that is touted as just that for the betterment of our inner-selves -- what we call the soul which is the only entity within our selves that will survive our mundane existence.

Good luck and may Allah's Grace be with you in this interim period to guide you.

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Anonymous said...

We have evolved in to a society of bigots, a state law that has contradicted the divine law from all prospective, therefore people are living in separate parallel realms of life. They have no respect to any kind of ethics anymore accept anything they seemed fit for their own judgement and capacity. Well let them simmer in their own soup. Dame! getting tried of this society.