June 18, 2015

Ramzaan Mubaarak!

Dear Readers,

It's that time of the year to replenish our dipping spirituality. The next thirty days can be the beginning of another refreshing chapter in your lives. This is the holy month during which the first revelation came to our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in that lonely cave on Mount Hira. This was the beginning of a transformation of the human race with the injunction that to "read" was the basis of life. To learn and to know and to put into practice the good ways we are supposed to live and create and recreate the future for posterity.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the Blessing Allah sent to all humanity -- not just to any one Nation as the others of this celebrated ilk were. He brought us the message of Mercy from Allah (SWA), and together through The Messenger's superlative example, showed us how to be the best among the best. How to tread the path to Jannah.

So, this Ramazaan is yet again the chance for us to reflect on the Mercy and Compassion of Allah (SWA) and imbibe the tremendous gift we have in our Holy book the Quraan. It is a solution for all times and for ills -- the absolute recipe for the trials of humanity. It is a month when the dark forces of evil are in retreat by the will of Allah (SWA), and so an opportunity for us to work on the good with the least of resistance -- itself a Mercy from the Almighty.

May you all have a Blessed Ramzaan and happy life!

Abdul Sattar

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