January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Greetings to Rukkuri readers:

Another year welcomes us into its midst. Another one passes by into a sea of fondly cherished memories or a painful body of regret. We all have the same time in the 24 hours we have everyday and we all use it in different ways.

How must out time be used? If we perceive a purpose in life, then time will have a goal to achieve. and the new year moment has become a convention over time for such decisions to be released into the universe. We all make new year resolutions as if that is the only time we can set our resolve to move us from our inaction. Some use this as an annual event to renew their lethargy rather than their energy. Many also find new and varied and creative excuses not to begin and showcase many obstacles to imbue rationality to that excuse.

Dear friends, as the great thinker Goethe says, "whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it" Until one is committed, there is hesitancy and the chance that one will draw back from the decision. When one makes a commitment in sincerity and definiteness, the Universe kicks in and what we sincerely wish for comes true. This is the law of attraction working in unison with the pure potentiality that fills the universe. When our commitment and intention is weak, and infused with negative or wavering thoughts of "will it work or wont it?" then the Universe does not open the doors because it is the will that drives destiny. It is not the strength of the body that moves the universe, it is the power of the mind and thus our strength of commitment. Indolence has no space here. We underestimate the power of our 'niyah" or intention and so our seeds are often planted in unprepared soil and the seed will not sprout; or even if it does, it will not grow strong and healthy. We humans manifest the world we live in by the power of our mind. Nations and whole civilisations rise and fall with the power of the mind that sprouted it, sustained or weakened it.

In this new year, let us begin to understand the power of the mind that Allah has given us in His infinite wisdom and has given us our free will to exercise it as we like. Yes, the decision is ours, and only ours. The will with which we exercise it is the defining power of our success or failure. One failure will surely not end in a chain of failures because we have the power to learn from our mistakes and rewire our systems for ever greater efficiency. Our body, mind, and spirit combined has the potential for us to be whatever we want to be.

Thus in this new year, let's wish liberally, yet be focused on goals that are beyond the stars. The magic will happen if we have focus, and we will InshaaAllah, have a great year ahead when our cherished dreams will transform our lives; to one of loving kindness to others -- our brothers and sisters in humanity. We can overcome the negative emotions that pervade our social sphere, when we choose to not dwell on our differences and begin to think about the myriad factors that unite us.

A very Happy New Year in 2017 to all!

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Anonymous said...

Another great inspiring article. Thank you