August 31, 2011

To each one a voice

This blog is to promote civil society involvement in public decision making. In the Maldivian community, in the environment of our new democracy, this aspect is a necessary ingredient to make our decisions truly the stuff of the people. Lets all make this happen to make our society a happy place to be.


Anonymous said...

Maldives, needs non bias civil societies. Today with the new democracy, We see civil societies, biased towards one or more political parties. Hence people has lost confidence and faith in listening to Civil societies. I hope Rukkuri make a difference.
- Concerned Maldivian Citizen-

Abdul Sattar Yoosuf said...

Thanks Concerned Maldivian Citizen! Rukkuri attempts to look at social issues for its causes, exposing them to social scrutiny. Ultimately, it is at the level of the concerned citizen that solutions must arise, initially as a voices of concern. Blessed are we in a democratic society now. Moving away from political party allegiance views and thinking issue-based would be the way to go. If our civil society begins to think that way, we will make a lot social reform ground for substantive actions to be taken. Please find my new posts only on

Farooq Mohamed Hassan said...

The corner-stone of our foreign policy, until 10th November 2008, has been non-alignment and non interference in the internal affairs of other countries - a very healthy and successful foreign policy that saw many fruitful, mutually beneficial and long lasting friendship with countries far and near. President Ibrahim Nasir and President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom showed their statesmanship in their handling of our foreign policy which earned them high respect and praise from the international community. Even in respect of our neighbours such India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, they maintained a careful balance which benefitted the development of our country in many different areas - a policy from which Mr. Nasheed should have learned valuable lessons.
Mr. Nasheed’s open support for the uprisings in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and in Syria angered many Maldivians, even among his own party members. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the vast majority of the Maldivians, today, he is a victim of what he preached in those Arab countries. He should be ashamed to open his mouth to criticize the popular uprising in his own country which culminated in his resignation.
Mr. Nasheed’s lack of experience in public administration, diplomacy, and above all, his self-serving political interests is ruining our foreign policy and is ruining our image as neutral country. Mr Nasheed's hunger and greed for power is not only ruining our country's integrity but is also undermining our sovereignty and independence as well.
India has always come to our assistance in times of need and has contributed immensely to our economic development. We, Maldivians, acknowledge this with thanks, gratitude and appreciation. But it would be wrong for India, as a democratic state, to meddle in our internal affairs and take sides in our ongoing political discourse. India must understand that Mr. Nasheed is not Maldives and Maldives is not Mr. Nasheed.