July 20, 2012

Ramzaan Mubaarak!

Dear Readers, 

May this Holy month of Ramzaan bring into our lives, peace and tranquility. May this month be one that will help our Maldivian community to reflect on the futility of a politically divided nation and begin a process of true reflection on the folly of political parties in a cohesive community like ours  - a nation bonded by a common religion, ethnicity, language and culture. The Holy Quraan exhorts the virtues of oneness and the folly of division. It also exhorts us to that magnanimous practice of consultation in performing our daily duties (which we have adopted as the guiding paradigm of process in our Citizen's Majlis), the very essence of democracy. But we witness daily, the chaos of discontentment, anger and aversion on the streets of Male and several islands. The rifts we have precipitated in our close-knit society with the import of this method for the practice of democracy should signal to us the need for a rethink of the process. We have the solutions in Islam, but seem to be looking for a solution from afar while we have it at our doorstep. 

May Allah inspire us during this Blessed month (and beyond), to bring us back to our senses and instill the warmth of love and sharing among our brothers and sisters in Islam in this beautiful nation of ours!

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