July 13, 2012

They may say I’m a dreamer!

They may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one,
I hope some day you’ll join us,
And the world will be as one!

A verse from the Beatles from the ‘60s may bring warmth and nostalgia to those of my generation. But this is no less valid in this day of Generation Next; many of my young friends may also be humming these tunes under their breath even today and reflecting such emotions in their blogs. We all want peace ultimately, and we look for this in all kinds of ways that unfortunately, sometimes bring us the result in reverse. The situation in our country Maldives is a case in point. Perhaps our primeval juices are pumped when our desires of another kind are kindled in us by the goings on in the present ambiance. The materialism and competition that is pervasive in our society is no doubt blinding us to the sentiments expressed in this beautiful verse that the winsome four uttered so many decades ago. It just goes to show that the circle of life goes on and on – just like fashion or history that repeats through alternate generations.

Perhaps in our dream we can conjure up a more harmonious Maldives of the future. What do we want our Maldives to be perhaps 10 years from now?  --Just enough time for our present adult youth to have kids and feel a sense of protectiveness to their children’s future. Such scenario building can help us to feel deeply charged and to bring our thoughts and sentiments together to create the new future in our minds. Let’s think about it. It’s time we witness the impasse on the ground at our home-fronts and backyards to answer that longing in our hearts!

When we do wake up from our dream, we will then have something tangible and creative to work on. 


Moosa Nasheed said...

You are absolutely right. Actually what's happening in Maldives is similar to the fear people have against the devil. The MDP popularly know as Maldivian Dangerous People are terrorizing the people who for ages have been living a life of obedience, God fearing and patience. Unfortunately MDP set up to instill fear in people is just doing that.

Anonymous said...

its not beatles its john lennon's imagine

Abdul Sattar Yoosuf said...

You are right, of course.