March 26, 2013

We need the 3R for waste management

Dear Friends,
This is the mountain of dump in our beautiful Male -- perhaps the tallest mountain in our nation. But this is not the salubrious kind that we would like to visit. Here the sight is deplorable and the stench unbearable. We are awed not by the splendor of the web of life, but by the hideousness of the way we humans destroy this web by mindless urban living.
We can become more mindful of our ways and allow our lives to be healthier and children to go to school unhindered. What kind of urban governance is this?

I would sincerely suggest that we begin managing our wastes more scientifically. lets base it on the 3Rs. Singapore is using it and Japan lovingly supports it. We can at least begin sorting out our garbage at the household level. The plastics, the metal and the biodegradable can be sorted by the households. This much effort we owe to our environment that nourishes and cherishes us. then we don't have to do this at the dump which will save us a lot of resources. At least a third of this must be biodegradable. In a nation where the soil is so effete, just imagine the humus we can gain from composting the biodegradable. We are just wasting nature's resources. Yes, there is gold in garbage -- if we attempt to find it. Our home-gardening and other vegetation can do so much with it rather than doing the alternative of dumping chemicals into our cultivation of fruits and vegetables and getting ourselves poisoned. We are destroying our nature unawares. Just inquire about whats happening in Thoddu and such islands where the soil has degraded to such a level that the luscious water-melons don't grow there any more. Can we please be kinder to our nation? It's not all about politics -- don't forget the environment that makes our love for dividedness thrive.

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