April 2, 2013

Heroes and villains

They say that one nation's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. We see this example in scores of situations. So how can one thing be two things at the same time? Technically it cannot be, no material thing can be two things at the same time; but in our minds where the thought process is not material, we can think and believe whatever we want to believe. 
The basic question here is about the authenticity of truth. While there is an absolute truth that is the Creator, the created constantly create their own environment by the thought processes that they entertain in their minds. Thus go the truth of the sayings "you are what you think", or "imagination is more important than the knowledge gained" or "you are the world, when you change the way you think, your world too will be transformed". 

So this goes to show that when we fabricate within our minds a cruel environment and imagine this to be true, the universe assists - our subconscious - to bring about this "reality”. But conversely also, when we choose to see our reality as loving, this too is made to happen -- to materialize. How does this work? 

Let me tell you -- it is the discovery of science too in the realms of quantum mechanics - that we can choose what we want, and have that to happen to us. This profound empirical discovery comes from science -- quantum physics. For example in the measurement of the smallest particle the quanta or "packets of light" that is the "substance" of our thought process, we can choose to measure it as a particle or a wave -- depending on our choice. You may ask, "but how can something be two things at the same time?" Yes, that is the phenomenal nature of our universe and of our minds which is a microcosm of it. We can wish for something to be and given the intensity of that wish, make that happen. This is the power of the mind that our Creator has given us. In fact this is the basis of our nature - we can be what we want to be. We are programmed -- yet we are not. We have the choice and yes, we are also responsible for the consequence of that choice. The universe indeed has a perfect accounting system that does not allow even an atom of good deed or bad to go "unrecorded". 

Therefore, in the world of form, in creating a loving and compassionate nation too we have a choice. But for that we have to collectively make a strong commitment. Only strong intentions that embody strong commitments can transform. Selfishness divides and severe those bonds of convergent positive thoughts that can make that transformation happen. What's the worth of a nation without that cohesion? So what's a party worth, except to divide an already cohesive nation?

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