June 30, 2013

Only Islam can unite us!

And I don't mean the political version of it. I mean the pristine truth of Islam -- the principles and methods sent to us mankind centuries ago and culminating in the finality of these precepts enshrined in the Holy Quran -- with the caveat that IT is a set of principles and methods that will stand the test of time purely because these are patently professed to be timeless.

Then should we be attempting to frame other truths? The confusion and the vanity that go with this attempt are raised because of this. Is it not an act of foolishness to have a universal edict as the guiding principle of this nation and then try to frame a constitution that attempts to be a parallel to it or a replacement of it? The fact that we have a framed one and are struggling to reconcile both is the manifestation of this folly.  While we clearly state in our clarifications of our constitution that our man-made one will not contract the one sent down in Mercy we continue to neglect the edicts that are clearly prescribed in the ONE we give primary credence to. It is as if we are playing with ourselves to gain merit from both sides and surely we cannot do so. The illusion of is doing so can only be revealed in time -- that those were indeed foolish attempts. But by a few of us playing this game at the expense of the many who sincerely await the benefits of social harmony is surely an act of hypocrisy by those who perpetrate this adversity and a categorical act of injustice on that majority who align with the universal edict that has been proclaimed as the law of the land in our case.
One may say we practice the silence of fear, and if that is the case we must remove the causes that make us reticent or fearful, and for us to speak out our true faith. Islam clearly instructs us to keep the sanctity of IT’s edicts above what is professed by those that must follow It. In our pursuit of worldly gain, our egos clearly bloat and we seem to be confused by this vanity, and as usual, our vanity gets the better of us. 

The responsibility for creating social harmony is on both us and our leaders. Once elected, our leaders must lead us in sincerity and openness to the prescriptions of Allah, and the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad as we have laid out as the basis of our moral constitution. What we need are rules that will guide us - not frame another constitution to lead us into confusion or for us to hide behind.
I write this as I begin to open my mind to the realities I see in our little island of Male and in those surrounding us in our Nation as I have the opportunity to see what has become of us over these several years. A nation that is as small and as homogeneous in culture, religion language and biological identity cannot but be pulling together if not pulled apart by the diversity of new-found thinking that are only fabrications of our ego. We are pulled along by the enticement and allure of the gains of the moment and the glitter of the gold we see and are promised through nefarious means.

Please don't be fooled by such enticements and then experience the regret in tears and life lost when everything falls apart. There is no better hand hold for us than the teachings of our beloved Religion. Mark my words my brothers and sisters. The regrets can only be unfathomable.

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