August 28, 2013

Good-bye Dear Samad

Good-bye Samad our beloved friend!

You are gone and we are in two separate worlds suddenly. I look out of my window and I see the sunshine of a balmy Maldivian morning outside and suddenly realize that I will never see you again – every again – to experiences the joy of chatting with you in the ambience of your modest sitting room or share the taste of a simple Maldivian breakfast with you as as we stop-over at your house from a morning walk. We will miss your stock of hilarious jokes and the unstoppable laughter those bring out from within us we never thought was there; the chats and the wild banter that could span forever and yet keep us sitting up for more, with thoughts that span the time from our childhood together to the mutual moments of our work environment in the service of national and international health. We seem to never have parted company over these past fifty years or so. And now this tether is suddenly torn away by the inevitability of this human moment that we all must alas experience. It can now be only memories that keep us together.

In this moment, I yet again realize the wonder and complexity of life – the flimsiness of this existence;  the tantalizing that goes on in this worldly moment of ours often with not a sliver of a realization of this eventuality is how our lives are lived. It dawns on me yet again that the selfishness we inject into our lives will envelope us inevitably if our thoughts never toggle this moment of our sure exit from this worldly sojourn. What keeps our thoughts intact and in sync even as we traverse the other side of our existence is love -- the love that is given in this world when you do have the choice. You helped us share this always and showed it in so many ways as brothers and with other brothers and sisters in this existential part of our journey together. You kept us all reminded of the connection we have with the heart as we traversed the length and breadth or our lives in the many sweet moments of our chats and laughter and advice in both friendship and mentorship. At long last Allah gave you the pinnacle position you so deserved in society for the wonderful man you were.  Our moments of heart is the thread that will keep us in the bind that we all cherish. Everything else will perish. And finally we too will have to make our exit just like you have with the never-ending sounds of laughter in our hearts and tears in the eyes of those we leave behind. 

Rest in peace my friend, and may Allah give you your place in the Garden of Delight.


satyendra said...

Mr. Yoosuf, your imagination is really good. When i read your blog i remember some lines of poet Rabindra Nath Tagore.

Abdulla Shakir said...


May Allah bless his soul. and give his family and genuine friends strength to cope with this great loss. May Allah help us realise the true lesson of this life that "at the end we will end" May Allah forgive me, you and us all. Aameen.