November 17, 2013

Titillations in democracy

Yes, it’s yet another national dawn! Congratulations to the winning coalition in this closely run race of electing a steward to the highest political post in Maldives.

The democratic process is fraught with surprises. Perhaps this is what makes this scintillating process such an enticing one too. It gives the public the opportunity to elect their keeper for a defined term and it also provides for a chance to change when the need arises. The power of the people is the decider here however flimsy the differences in support may be. We see this excitement of competition in our country for whatever it is worth in our schools, on our playgrounds, in the marketplace, and now increasingly so in the political arena.

Wherever there is a vying for status, and as we face the competitive nature of the new life that beckons us in any societal setting, politics plays its part. Along this path, the titillations experienced are an inevitable part of the process. One day we win and on another we lose. Being aware of this should make us humble rather than proud, for ultimately we can never be too cocky of how our future will treat us. But as human beings we are indeed very forgetful. Ultimately it is the Hand of Providence that makes that singular decision for us. Allah's reason for such decisions is in this regard beyond our wildest hope of comprehension. The reasons we may never know. But the humility with which we accept this benevolent favour is certainly within our control. Congratulations to the contenders for allowing a peaceful election day that rings positively in the public’s ear. But Alas! Only one can win on any given day.  Let us cherish the decision! Let us practice humility! Let us celebrate Allah's Grace!


Rasheed Bari said...

Well said; it certainly is an honour to be elected to hold office for the citizens; the sincere office bearer is humbled and weakened at the knees by the weight of responsibility that has been entrusted by the people;whoever thus elected shall draw strength from Allah to lead the way along the balanced path.

Abdul Sattar Yoosuf said...

yes, a paradigm shift has to happen to view the holding of public office as a huge responsibility.