January 28, 2014

Preparing the ground before planting the seed

Lessons from nature abound and when we can observe its workings we can create a sustainable world.
Everything has its gestation time. Our birth and life is a perfect example of an orchestrated chain of events that has its specific time frames. Our time in the womb, our childhood, youth and old age and our life span are all givens of that we can change very little. Yes, technology has its virtues but it can only move by bits and pieces and this takes tremendous energy to maintain. Thus, this cannot be easy or as we call, sustainable.

The ground we plant our seeds also has to be prepared if we want the trees to grow as desired. And true too is the fact that we harvest only what we plant- nothing more nothing less. Yet, they have to be watered and tended to with loving care. Only then will we get the results that we expect. Another truth in regards to this is that success is not in our hands - we have control only of the process. Good process embedded in sincerity ensures success most of the time. 

And not least of all we need to pick the right seeds for planting. Opting for seeds that are not yet mature enough for sprouting a healthy forest or a bountiful harvest should be disastrous and indeed be a waste of valuable time and effort. No farmer in his right mind would ever do that for the hunger and debt he and his family would have to endure subsequently.    

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