November 2, 2018

Welcome back Ithihad!

Streets filled to the brim with supporters who have to come to greet, tells of a man who is popular. And that is just what we see on the streets of Male on this momentous day in our lives, the 1st of November 2018 as Anni sets foot in Male after months in voluntary exile.

We say welcome and hold in dearness when good things happen or when we feel hope bubbling in our blood. It is warming to see a nation flocking to the sight of a leader. Come as it may, opinions may differ, but when such a swarm of human beings congregate in such mind boggling numbers for our small nation, there needs to be acceptance of the truth of the public’s pulse. Arguably, we have not witnessed even in the most vociferous street demonstrations in our nation, this kind of a turnout. So, it must mean something that is primeval; something that comes from the deep emotions of our being; something true and sincere.

To be dumped behind bars in isolation from those one loves for only fabricated reasons is deceit and treachery of the highest order. The fact that no leader in a democratic nation should govern with such impunity attest to reality of our little corner of paradise falling from grace in the comity of nations. We rejoice in your release and celebrate your sacrifice.

Anni and his MDP has no doubt been the energy that has spearheaded the Ithihad movement at the international level, and which has been the key factor in bringing the shameful and wicked regime of the past five years in our country to its knees. For this we must be celebrating the fruit of the Ithihad and no doubt the key role Nasheed played. To say he deserves the accolade is an understatement.  Whatever party sensibility we belong to, we must share in the political opening we have to bring a new nation into being; a nation where we celebrate our local-ness and our moral calling once again. 

Let’s take pride that we still have that faith to rally around a new type of leader and a new idea that should take the lead in a reform movement that must truly spell reform. Something that is acceptable and sustainable. Something that will take us out of the depth of a corruptive and divisive national mindset into one of moral calling for a nation that is decent and whole.

Welcome back Anni to a rapturous applause. Welcome back President Maumoon, Gasim, Imran, and inshaaAllah those others also still waiting their turn soon.  Under the leadership of President Ibrahim Solih, may we have a new era that will reveal a true Maldivian identity; one arising out of what has been perilously deteriorating before our very eyes.

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