September 23, 2013

Boorishness cannot be our nature

The pathetic condition in our Majlis is an indication of how our nation is plummeting into a morass of indecency. Every nation seems to espouse democratic institutions to fulfil the purpose of national harmony and through this development. The Majlis is the institution of our democratic framework that crafts and issues the edicts by which our lives are steered. But the people we put into it are those we elect. Therefore, it is our – the Maldivian citizen's -- responsibility to put responsible people into the seats that make the rules and regulations that help us live our lives in fairness and peace.

But the debacle on the Majlis floor we witnessed yesterday and last night before the whole nation was one that questioned our very understanding of the system of governance that we attempt to revere.
We surely don't want our children to be tarnished with thoughts that streak democracy with dirt. What have we left as decent human beings when we trample the very institution that is to bring us peace? Condoning none, we must all shed tears on what is happening to our Nation.

Dear citizens of Maldives, we are not spectators in a soccer match or a boorish brawl in the market place in which we just watch in awe for the novelty of it or the spectacle of it. Please, we cannot allow our Nation to slip into this morass of irresponsibility. The consequences are stark. We will sink deeper in to this pit and will have to bear decades of hardship to get out even if we begin our process of conciliation even as early as tomorrow. The longer we wait, the longer will be the period of our lament. We have lost precious ground upon which peace and harmony was possible but greed, selfishness and competition have usurped from our Nation that possibility at least for the short term. We as citizens have to bear the responsibility and the consequences the will ensue.

We need to take time to reflect and make peace between our ego and our soul. Even as I say this I realize that this may be a contradiction, for our soul will not compromise on giving up the good that it embodies. We will have to face the stark reality that our ego is the culprit and we need to control that whisperer in us that lead us along the crooked path.The edicts of materialism that is laced with such defilements cannot save us. Only the edicts of Islam practiced in their essence can save us!    

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