September 21, 2013

The evanescence of our party allure

Why do we change ship so quickly? Like quicksilver the shameless shine continues and like water we seem to be able to fit any shape of any vessel we seek to occupy. So versatile are we in the circumstance of such manoeuvres.

So what's the worth of a party where its basis means nothing, whose philosophy inspires no one and its actions only divide society. Such profiles don't make a party but describes a mere crowd bordering on being a clique if it is to promote mere selves, or a gang - if the motives are to create mischief in society rather than concord. If we want democracy to succeed, we the public must ensure that parties built on personalities are nothing worth being part of - for it will only make us worship a human being rather than a revered moral principle. The difference is that with principles, they tend to be timeless whereas with personalities we adore, they are alas time bound.

Just imagine, what would the fate of our parties be if the leader that each holds with such reverence ceases to be! Yes, people perish, and principles cherish; that's what our Religion teaches us too.

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