February 25, 2014

Consort of our ego

We can't all be right and wrong at the same time. It doesn’t require an Einstein’s mind to figure that out. Then why do we seem to always be struggling to convince others of our view to be correct? Obviously there has to be a reason and that relates to the realm of our ego. The strength of it is determined by the degree to which we attempt to have our way. What makes us feel what we say is right is our ego. The ego never likes to lose. So even at the expense of deceit it would attempt to convince the other soul wrong.

But how can we all be right just as we cannot all be wrong while on the same subject? But we do go on this vain attempt time and time again for the gain the ego is destined to have. Actually our ego is what others see as our personality or individuality. The ego's rise to its prominence in each one of us is at a high point when we have become an adult. But of course this soul-scorching path of the ego can continue as it gets bloated over time as our lives show us ever higher paths to wealth, position and authority. Thus, as we move ahead in these departments of life, only very few of us find the salvage of modesty that can subvert the expanding ego.

The path to spiritual development of any human being is possible only when we can give a deaf ear to our ego. Yes, true, as long as we remain human we cannot do away with our ego altogether. But we can surely learn not to listen to it and be servant to it by heeding its constant prodding. And how do we do that? Simply put -- by being a good listener; listening to what the other person has to say for what it might be worth, and not negating right away another’s opinion even though he or she might be less endowed with worldly power than we think we may be. Such habitual practice will slowly translate into the behavior of respect for the other person and an awareness that we can indeed defer in difference without falling out with each other.
But the pull of the ego is so strong especially when there is wealth and power on which we stand, and more of it beckoning us from the finish line so to say, and most of us are swayed beyond control falling headlong into the web of hedonism that the ego has laid out for us, from which it is very difficult to extricate - come only a tragic calamity as wake up call.

We all want peace and harmony in our little corner of the world in Maldives. But for bloated egos, this can be possible. We can be still be human if we prefer, and enjoy the fun of this world as long as we live, but really only if we can choose not to go overboard as the consort of our ego.  


Unknown said...

I have noticed that most part of our ego is also interlaced with desperation to worldly needs that has to be obtained in one way or another to fullfill our basic needs, simply from a necessary community service to an unavoidable medical consultation!. This is not entirely the fault of the individual but its caused by collective oppression by the system we live in. We live in society so inefficient in all prospectives, but on the other hand we are responsible to what we have installed. To battle with our own ego sometimes we have to demolish and conquer our own fortress, establishments and rules. Even reelect the inefficient leader not due to a single error but due to systematic negligence.

Abdul Sattar Yoosuf said...

I would agree Mr Ashfaq. Our collective ego is the sum of our individual egos. And the decisions we take in any arena of our lives reflect the bloat we have assumed as a community. To deflate the bloat, we need to reflect inwardly and understand the emotions that dominate us.

Rasheed Bari said...

using SF's language this is id getting the better of the super ego; this may be due to a shortage of ethics and integrity.

i say we need civic education, in the language that appeals to the minds of the people in our society, based on rational thought and an evidence base.