February 2, 2014

Empowering democracy

Democracy is not about giving things but giving people the dignity that will enable them to hold their heads high. Democracy is about empowerment and freedom. In a crooked sort of way, giving money to people is empowerment. Of course even the job we work at gives us our pay check at the end of the month and it empowers us to live that month through. So why should we not accept money from those who offer it to us without us having to work so hard. 

The difference of course is the sale of our value as opposed to our vice. By earning a fair days work and getting paid for it for the sweat on our brow liberates us, while the taking of money as a commission for immoral services pits us as accomplices in unfair dealings we call criminal and thus imprisons us. So it becomes a curious anomaly that we are swept into such bondage of crime as we attempt to practice this blessing of Democracy. 
My dear reader and fellow citizen of our country and the world, we need to redeem the morality that is our human essence if our world is to survive. Such greed is the basis of physical destruction we see in global warming and our social atmosphere too is melting fast of its accumulated morality like the arctic ice; Just like the physical destruction ravaged by the Asian tsunami, social tsunamis too are sweeping our communities like never before as avarice and greed take their macabre hold.  

We cannot go on fooling ourselves with our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich thinking that the day of retribution will never come -- here or in the hereafter!


satyendra said...

Mr. Yoosuf, your article inspire me.

Abdul Sattar Yoosuf said...

Thanks to you. Inspiration can be contagious. I surely do hope so.