February 7, 2014

Impatience is the driver of selfishness.

When one is satisfied, and as they say in the flow of life, there is no need for impatience. This emotion of impatience in us whenever it arises indicates that we are not satisfied and are not in harmony with the vibrations of the universal mind. And that is the discomfort we feel when we are in the lap of impatience. When we are with our loved ones, and true like-minded friends we don't seem to want to be in a hurry. Thus there is something about impatience that must tell us we are exercising the sprouting of selfishness in us. This is the spiritual truth.

We all have experienced being in a line waiting for a movie ticket, at the groceries, at a self-service restaurant, at the airport immigration counter or in lines for the receipt of free-bees; or even in virtual lines created for the hand-outs of community housing, flats, or even tourist resorts. The anxiety of impatience can be felt when we are in a hurry, or in the throes of selfish emotions that arise because of the lack of supply which might run out by the time the line reaches our turn. Selfish motives inevitably move to shunt the line and get what we want out-of-turn. So increasingly in our societies, as greed and avarice take hold, many jump the line only too frequently revealing that selfish desire to have us serviced with favor. And sure as day, those who harbor such selfishness will use that approach to full advantage when they do have the categorical power to do so, to the extent of implying to others that such considered impunity may not be impunity for them after all. 

Nothing is as insidious as the feeling of impatience if allowed to grow. It will consume us, a community, and even a whole nation before we know it, for this feeling grows ever so deceptively indeed. That is why we need to actively learn to be patient. Communities that learn to be patient will thrive as safe, secure, caring and loving societies. And that must surely be the purpose of good governance and good nationhood. That is why our good Book in Soorah Al-Asr exhorts us to patience so pointedly.

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