July 19, 2013

Lighting a candle to dispel the darkness

It is said that to light one candle is better than to sit cursing the total darkness. We in Maldives could in this regard refer to the political darkness we are in where everyone seems to be cursing our common condition of ignorance and no one attempting to find the light that will illuminate this thing we have brought into our midst called democracy. We all seem to want it without actually knowing it. Each one describes it in a different way and yet no one seems to agree with the other. This situation of mental confusion can perhaps be described as our situation of darkness.
In our midst there are so very few who are attempting to light a candle to allay this darkness. Many are perhaps afraid to because someone else might blow it out. Or they have just given up, resigned to be sitting in the dark, considering the situation as irreconcilable.

What's there to do, we sit back and say; Either way we fall into the ditch so to say.

Every path seems to lead somewhere we don’t want to go. There is the path some say to the loss of our identity as Muslims and having to forfeit that foundation we have had all this while. Other paths they say take us back to the shadows of despotism we were in. And others seem to lead us into a dead end where too many cooks can stymie effective operation. Such is the confusion and the impasse we are faced with. Yet no one seems to have the edge to attempt a new path of non-alignment and seek a new identity that is not colored by party rhetoric and behavior. That step only will take us out of this darkness. We cannot continue to curse it; we have to get out of it.

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