July 8, 2013

Logos not photos

Voter education is the most important part of democracy, for an ignorant populace is sure to select sub-optimal leaders. The saying "a nation deserves the leaders we get" is precisely related to this ignorance of the masses on their inability to elect a good leader.

While little is done in our nation to educate our voters, one may say that just the opposite is being done to sink us deeper into ignorance. Giving physical entities and edifices is not something a polity in a democracy should be offered by those seeking the top posts. What should be offered instead should be the inspiration and promise of a safe and plentiful future for everyone. The election notices should be embellished not by the pretty faces of the candidates but by the logos of their parties. 

Perhaps it is sadly the case in our nations of the developing world are parties who don't often have guiding principles and vision worth their salt to gravitate voters to their midst, but rather it is the hope of gaining power, wealth or position that is the pull. In such cases, given that our modern political parties are nothing but propaganda machines complete with their PR systems and TV channels, we the people should strive to  become evermore aware, and attempt ever harder instead to bring up leaders that are truly credible, trustworthy and visionary to the true needs of the polity, and for the betterment of a more harmonious Maldivian future.

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Unknown said...

Dear Editor,
Who is thinking OUT OF THE BOX? basically no one! No one is educating the locals, Many are inside the box, therefore will not listen. Mean time it takes so many years to comprehend. Since 400 years old customs and traditions just an extra S4 Samsung mobile phone! where are we heading for?