July 9, 2013

Ramzaan Mubaarak!

Dear Rukkuri Visitors and Readers,

Another Ramzaan greets us with hope of sharing and giving and remembering our Maker!. May this month be the beginning of yet another journey into the awareness of our inner selves. During the rest of our eleven months, we focus so much on the world of form that constitute the physical environment we live in. Our bodies, our clothes, our houses and cars and motor cycles and mobile phones. These are the result of creations from people who reflect and learn - and then we use them mindlessly. We too can be such creators of a better environment when we learn to be mindful and reflective through reducing the mental traffic that we are so used to daily -- the desire-filled thoughts of our world of form.

During this month let's focus on our inner-self and pay some attention it truly needs. Not that your soul is crying out for attention but you will learn much valuable stuff from it if you do attend to it, as opposed to the cry-baby-like spoiled child that is your EGO which is always vying for your attention and cannot survive without you giving what it wants. However, let it be, and focus on your true self that is lost in this barrage of noise that the EGO makes. By focusing on your true self, you will become a more caring and loving human being because the discovery of your true self is the discovery that all humanity is ONE.
Salaams galore to you and may Allah Almighty shower his boundless Blessings on you in the days ahead!
Yours in Islam!


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